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Ryan Rottman celebrated “ST. Rottman’s Day” ( his birthday & St. Patrick’s Day) with his girlfriend Jessica Vargas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park near Los Angeles, California.

PHOTOS: Celebrating his birthday at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Alvaro C • March 17,2017 • 0 Comments wishes to the amazing and crazy talented actor Ryan Rottman a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you get to spend this day with the people you love.
You are an awesome actor and i follow your work for a while and you have played some great characters with some really good performances, you are making big steps in your career with ‘Billionaire Boys Club‘, which is exciting and i am thrilled for you.
I want to thank you for appreciate the support i have given to you these last 4 years and of course going to keep supporting you and promote your work!


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Ryan Rottman shared a little first look of the “Billionaire Boys Club” via Instagram Stories.

In the video, you can see a lot of the scenes and a little scene with his character, Scott Biltmore.

Check it out bellow:

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Make sure to check out the latest updates of Ryan on Social Media:

16789199_289203681495697_5718531844027187200_n.jpg 16465639_1765890133436790_8617683469461356544_n.jpg 16583228_1720508738279884_8367643023382675456_n.jpg 16585248_262479907508903_661520702699995136_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > Instagram

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Miscellaneous > Instagram Story (Ryanrottman)

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Miscellaneous > Snapchat (Rdene)


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Ryan Rottman showed up to a table read for a new project called ”Best Worst Christmas Ever”. (27/01)

He was joined by several friends/ actors at the table read: Tanner Beard, Jessica Vargas, Ramsey Krull, Ashley Greene, Paul Khoury, Chris Reinacher, Arielle Vandenberg, Matt Cutshall, Jonathan Kite, Jeff Kalligheri & more.

Check out some photos bellow:

14084688_1886312871601838_480253519232761856_n.jpg 15220964_1926057634288926_1652159165834985472_n.jpg 15265817_941262156009814_6600763485775200256_n.jpg 16123248_240131323064935_4381322226280955904_n.jpg


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