Alvaro C • March 17,2017 • 0 Comments wishes to the amazing and crazy talented actor Ryan Rottman a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you get to spend this day with the people you love.
You are an awesome actor and i follow your work for a while and you have played some great characters with some really good performances, you are making big steps in your career with ‘Billionaire Boys Club‘, which is exciting and i am thrilled for you.
I want to thank you for appreciate the support i have given to you these last 4 years and of course going to keep supporting you and promote your work!


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Ryan Rottman shared a little first look of the “Billionaire Boys Club” via Instagram Stories.

In the video, you can see a lot of the scenes and a little scene with his character, Scott Biltmore.

Check it out bellow:

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Make sure to check out the latest updates of Ryan on Social Media:

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Miscellaneous > Instagram

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Miscellaneous > Instagram Story (Ryanrottman)

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Ryan Rottman showed up to a table read for a new project called ”Best Worst Christmas Ever”. (27/01)

He was joined by several friends/ actors at the table read: Tanner Beard, Jessica Vargas, Ramsey Krull, Ashley Greene, Paul Khoury, Chris Reinacher, Arielle Vandenberg, Matt Cutshall, Jonathan Kite, Jeff Kalligheri & more.

Check out some photos bellow:

14084688_1886312871601838_480253519232761856_n.jpg 15220964_1926057634288926_1652159165834985472_n.jpg 15265817_941262156009814_6600763485775200256_n.jpg 16123248_240131323064935_4381322226280955904_n.jpg


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Make sure you guys check out Ryan’s interview with TV Grapevine as he talks about the second season of Guidance.

Guidance is the biggest hit to come from Verizon’s go90 platform. The cast may change every season, but the show always has us on our toes and guessing what will happen next. One of the show’s biggest stars is Ryan Rottman, who plays a teacher being accused of favoritism. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Ryan describes Guidance as a show that follows the drama of high school kids and faculty. This season, we can expect to see a girl who has a problem with him as a teacher. She accuses him of favoritism and thinks he will ruin her chances as to getting into college. In addition, we will see the season open with a school shooting.  The premiere episode will go into a flashback, showing the shooting scene and how they got to that point. He admits that there is a ton of drama, but says all characters are really good.

2. Ryan says his character is a cool, relatable teacher and that his storyline this season can cause problems. He says it’s a relevant, relatable topic and he is interested for viewers to see how he figures things out as the season goes on. He likes how the show takes on relevant issues and thinks that all the characters are really good at bringing such things to the table.

3. So who would Ryan like to see guest star on the show? Number one on his list is actress Brittany Snow. He says that he got to know her and that she even shadowed the show for a point during filming. He thinks she would be a fun addition to the cast and would love to see what kind of role they will give her to play.

4.Fun fact time!  Fans would be surprised to know that Ryan HATES styrofoam. He says that he hates the sound of it and literally gets goosebumps when he hears someone using it because it grosses him out so much.

5. As for what he is watching on TV, Ryan says he is a huge fan of Black Mirror to the point where he even cut his hair like the character on the show because he liked it so much. He is also a huge fan of Forensic File and says that he falls asleep to it quite often.


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