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Ryan Rottman and a couple of friends did a trip to Las Vegas for Jeremiah Samuel‘s Bachelor Party on the weekend of July 10-12th. Ryan shared two pics from the trip on his Instagram account, make sure to check the photos bellow along with their descriptions

#Repost @kellanlutz ・・・ Bachelor party for @jeremiahworld fight night @Ufc thank you @budlight


Bang bus


Ryan’s friends also posted pics on their social media accounts, make sure to check them bellow

11251098_467817266719884_282312938_n.jpg 11254414_482939991866913_1158511225_n.jpg 1516210_1684669345096185_2037668355_n.jpg 11251098_467817266719884_282312938_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman posted a new photo on his Instagram account wishing his homie Richard Horgan a Happy Birthday. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description

Happy Birthday to my old Russian friend @richardhorgan . So glad to call him a friend! Love ya homie.


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Ryan Rottman travelled to Texas this year to celebrate the 4th of July { The Independence Day } with a couple of friends. Ryan and his friends did a couple of fun stuff in Texas such as Skeet shooting and dune buggying. He stayed there from July 02-05. The whole adventure was organized by Tanner Beard. Ryan updated his Instagram account with photos from his adventure in Texas and the 4th of July, make sure to check the photos bellow along with their descriptions

Living Lokai! @livelokai


Don’t text and drive


Man shit


Trying to hit the sun with fireworks with @paulkhoury & @jeffkalligheri. #safetyfirst #WalkingOnTheSun #SmashMouth


Ryan’s friends also posted photos on their social networks from their Adventure in Texas. Check more pics bellow

Camping in Texas – 02.07

Screenshot_2015-07-02-16-37-29.png Screenshot_2015-07-03-00-19-04.png Screenshot_2015-07-03-00-41-03.png Screenshot_2015-07-02-16-37-29.png

Skeet shooting and dune buggying in Texas – 03.07

11254648_648164285283906_763356168_n.jpg Screenshot_2015-07-03-19-18-01.png Screenshot_2015-07-03-19-20-28.png Screenshot_2015-07-04-00-26-31.png

Dining at a restaurant in Texas – 03.07

11424582_826407844111446_161164682_n.jpg 11424582_826407844111446_161164682_n.jpg 11424582_826407844111446_161164682_n.jpg 11424582_826407844111446_161164682_n.jpg

Celebrating the Independence Day in Texas – 04.07

11355197_1020881064591400_1278966051_n.jpg 11376492_1449906731978796_663330768_n.jpg 1740783_1469138633384243_1253414823_n.jpg 11378191_490005761150069_632183886_n.jpg

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Here i will leave you guys some quick updates related to Ryan Rottman. Check them bellow

‘Ted 2’ Screening Private Party – 17.06

11375757_600919186677458_2033184035_n.jpg 11375757_600919186677458_2033184035_n.jpg 11375757_600919186677458_2033184035_n.jpg 11375757_600919186677458_2033184035_n.jpg

Celebrating Tyler Lough’s Birthday – 20.06

11380799_540309689456770_1361081729_n.jpg capture-20150621-193252.png CIHy4dgWIAAkagK_large.jpg 11168983_1172141612812822_150546042_n.jpg

Celebrating Cherie Daly’s Birthday at Barrel and Ashes – 23.06

11379939_106165526392599_547626096_n.jpg capture-20150625-005515.png 11377698_885583751481126_2056315961_n.jpg CITLJ3GVAAA08J4_large.jpg

Celebrating Jeremiah Samuel’s birthday at Bar 53 – 27.06

11426656_1591927704428917_233200964_n.jpg CIkadYyUMAAJBOZ_large.jpg 11325896_719260261553766_1034389737_n.jpg 11692927_1178052228888427_675745452_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman attended the 5th annual Conan Classic Charity Golf Outing at Angeles National Golf Club on June 19 with a couple of friends. the event was organized by Todd Molé. Make sure to check photos bellow :

11202919_794433310652196_288415485_n.jpg 11277552_1171358112891172_86622793_n.jpg 11313718_105478679792980_1114369513_n.jpg 11335526_844232898985587_275933511_n.jpg

Photos Courtesy:

Tanner Beard, Taylor Russell, Ramsey Krull,Josh Henderson


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