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A trust source about The Lying Game (lyinggame.alloyentertainment.com) has  posted the top 5 reasons why we are all excited for the The Lying Game season 02 & Ryan’s character is one of them! check it out what they’ve posted about it:


Are you excited Jordan Lyle?
Don’t forget The Lying Game returns on 08th January(tomorrow) at 9pm EST.


Ryan has posted a new picture on his instagram account,check the description below along with the picture:

“T-Minus 1 more day till The Lying Game premiere!! Jan 8th came so quick! Who’s excited?”

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By the title you might be asking yourself what is this? a segment? Joey Colvin? right? Well i’m gonna explain what is this all about!

From today,the site is gonna have a segment,which will be a gif about Ryan’s work,it can be about Joey(Gigantic),Shane (90210),Jordan (The Lying Game) or just about Ryan. The segment will not be on the site everyday,it’s just on every friday!

I’ve chose the name of Joey Colvin because everybody knows Ryan from Gigantic & his career started rising up when he gave life to that character & also this character had a huge impact on Ryan’s life.

Check the gif for today!!


What did you guys think?




Chuck Pratt Jr. whom is Executive Producer/Creator/Writer of The Lying Game has spoken with Hollywood Reporter about the new season of The Lying game & he also talks a bit about Ryan’s character,Jordan Lyle,check it out:


THR: At the end of the premiere, we meet Jordan (Ryan Rottman), who has ties to Rebecca. What can you reveal about that potential wrinkle?

Pratt: He’s the exciting new guy in town, and he’s going to get involved with everybody. The question at the end of the first episode is, who is he? Is he an ally of Rebecca? Is he another foot soldier in her quest for revenge? Or is he innocent in all of this like all these other people are? We really brought him on for Mads; how that develops in the episodes beyond is exciting. When we start to realize what his connection is to Rebecca, it gets even more exciting – Rebecca’s past in Los Angeles and where he comes from, you’ll see he looks different. He may ride motorcycles, but he may not be the same motorcycle rider as Ethan is. He comes from an upscale world, dresses differently, but still manages a friendship with Ethan.

THR: Is he ultimately a good thing for Mads (Alice Greczyn) or more of a distraction?

Pratt: That’ll be a question for Mads and the audience. Is she getting involved with the wrong guy yet again, or is he somebody who’s sincere and likes her for who she is? It’s an interesting evolution. We’ll find out soon that he, like many of our characters, has a big secret he’s holding and can’t tell her.







Calling All Ryan Rottman Fans! RyanRottmanFans.Net Needs You! I’m putting together a video for Ryan’s Birthday make sure to check out what to do below and get your enters in by March 5st, 2013.


  • You can make a video of yourself wishing Ryan a happy birthday.
  • If you don’t want to make a video you can take a picture of yourself with a message to Ryan  included in the picture.
  • In the case you don’t want to show yourself,Use a picture of him included by a message.
  • For those ones who will make a video or take a picture, after you make it,please send the URL/photo to me through email .. Rottman-Ryan@hotmail.com
RULES(For those ones whom will make a video)
  • make sure you are aware that your video will be released online. You are taking full responsibility of what you are putting online and RRF is not going to reply any requests to remove the video after it’s released.
  • I won’t be accepting any entries after March 5, 2013 so make sure you send it  before then.
  • Be creative, have fun and remember Ryan will see this.
  • The rules are also for those ones who will take a picture.



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