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The Eddie Bauer Adventure House

Love this Quote! Sooo true! #truth #KeepAiming #regram

Ryan Rottman celebrates his birthday at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

[IG VIDEO] Epic night of listening to old 40s 50s 60s MGM movie songs by the John Wilson…

Happy New Year!!!


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I have added screen captures of Ryan Rottman‘s guest star episode in The Middle (4×18).  Check it out bellow:

tm417_0141.jpg tm417_0188.jpg tm417_0536.jpg tm417_0971.jpg


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PixL TV channel just announced on their facebook page that Ryan Rottman‘s upcoming TV movie, ”Diagnosis Delicious” is going to air on September 10th.


I have replaced the poster in High Quality in the gallery:

MV5BYjcwYzFmMWEtZjFjMC00ZGMwLTkyZTgtYmNkMDZhZmU5N2IyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjg5NTM1Mjg___V1_SY1000_CR02C02C7372C1000_AL_.jpg MV5BYjcwYzFmMWEtZjFjMC00ZGMwLTkyZTgtYmNkMDZhZmU5N2IyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjg5NTM1Mjg___V1_SY1000_CR02C02C7372C1000_AL_.jpg MV5BYjcwYzFmMWEtZjFjMC00ZGMwLTkyZTgtYmNkMDZhZmU5N2IyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjg5NTM1Mjg___V1_SY1000_CR02C02C7372C1000_AL_.jpg MV5BYjcwYzFmMWEtZjFjMC00ZGMwLTkyZTgtYmNkMDZhZmU5N2IyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjg5NTM1Mjg___V1_SY1000_CR02C02C7372C1000_AL_.jpg

Are you guys excited to see Ryan in this movie?


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Ryan Rottman also attended ”This Path” premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival on the August 16th.
Don’t forget to check them out below:
13736057_1781148968763966_353866079_n.jpg 13736057_1781148968763966_353866079_n.jpg 13736057_1781148968763966_353866079_n.jpg 13736057_1781148968763966_353866079_n.jpg 13736057_1781148968763966_353866079_n.jpg


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Ryan Rottman attended the launch of Gemio Band and the release of the brand new music video at No Vacancy in Los Angeles (21/07). Ryan was joined by his girlfriend, Jessica Vargas. Check out a photo bellow:

brittany-snow-celebrates-gemio-video-release-04.jpg brittany-snow-celebrates-gemio-video-release-04.jpg brittany-snow-celebrates-gemio-video-release-04.jpg brittany-snow-celebrates-gemio-video-release-04.jpg



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‘This Path”, a short movie starring Ramsey Krull, Ryan Rottman and Arlene Santana will be premiering at HollyShorts Film Festival on August 16th.


I’ve also added to the gallery a poster, promotional still and a BTS pic:

13731198_254201028298804_1864751005_n.jpg a6bd85f4b262a66493aa2d43b46d3c2b_original.jpg 11ef61811e24508e9bd82dd8b9c3b8b1_original.JPG 13731198_254201028298804_1864751005_n.jpg